Find out all about LOFT-E®



Did you know that one LOFT-E® leg can withstand 2.2 Tonnes of compression force?! LOFT-E® went through intensive testing at Lancaster University, testing weight load and distribution and the results are mind blowing!



Alongside being the strongest raised loft storage system on the market, unlike other systems LOFT-E® is easily adjustable. Say goodbye to using packing pieces and wedges, say hello to the LOFT-E® Adjustable Loft Leg!



LOFT-E® was made with the purpose to last you a lifetime, our premium loft legs are made in Britain and are made from 100% recyclable steel.


The LOFT-E® adjustable loft leg was invented by UK Loft Boarding Ltd in 2018, it evolved from the concept that loft boarding is required to be raised above the insulation so that when the floor sub-frame is fitted it allows the continuation of airflow around the loft. Boarding directly down onto the joists or compressing the insulation is now considered to be the absolute incorrect method of loft boarding.

Unlike similar plastic legs that can be brittle in cold weather and soft in hot weather leading to the collapse of your storage area! The LOFT-E leg is made from high-quality steel and is 100% recyclable. As a company committed to reducing the use of plastic in the environment, we are thrilled to offer this sustainable and effective solution to our customers. With the LOFT-E leg, you can enjoy a stronger and more reliable storage area in your loft, while also contributing to a greener future.




Many raised loft boarding installations later with absolutely no issues we then approached Lancaster University engineering department to see if they would like test our products for all aspects of strength and thermal measurements to really find out how good our loft leg was when it was pushed to its limits.

We made arrangements with Lancaster University to test our product for strength, buckling, twisting, downwards & sidewards force, heat & cold effectiveness, thermal bridging and many more tests that can be found in the 80+ page report that they produced. All of the results were extremely higher than anticipated. In fact, our storage is stronger than your roof and ceiling structure per m².

Want to find out more in-detail information?

Curious about the LOFT-E loft leg and its impressive performance? Look no further than our comprehensive 80+ page document, which provides all the facts and figures to back up its reliability and strength. This document has been meticulously researched and compiled, with data gathered from extensive testing by Lancaster University. By reviewing this document, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the benefits of the LOFT-E leg, including its superior load capacity and durability.